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Natural Wart Remover

SKU: M790
Natural Wart Remover is our easy, painless, doctor-formulated remedy for at-home wart removal on hands and feet. Simply apply the salve three times a day until that pesky wart is gone. Designed for fast, easy application that goes on smooth and leaves your skin feeling dry with a refreshing scent. Made from all-natural ingredients. By One 0.2 oz tube/pkg. [read more]
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Natural Wart Remover is a doctor-formulated and diabetic-safe salve designed for the removal of warts from your feet and hands. This do-it-yourself, all-natural product is designed to remove warts easily and painlessly from the comfort of your home. Our simple, beeswax-based formula allows for an easy application that goes on smooth and leaves your skin feeling dry with a refreshing scent. Used to treat common and plantar warts naturally. Safe for kids and adults alike! Simple, fast, and painless. By One 0.2 oz. tube/pkg.

Ingredients - Made with active, natural ingredients including willow bark, chaparral, sage, lavender and tea tree oils, and Vitamin A, Natural Wart Remover has strong antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties, making it an effective natural medicine for topical warts of the skin.

Instructions For Use - Wash and dry area to be treated. Apply Natural Wart Removal Salve to affected area 3-4 times each day. The success of treatment is dependent upon compliance, so be sure to apply regularly.

Indications: Natural Wart Remover is used in the care and treatment of benign skin lesions of the foot including plantar warts.

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SKU#: M790

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