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Visco-GEL® Hammer ToeCrutch®

Manufacturer: Pedifix
SKU: M993
The Visco-GEL® Hammer ToeCrutch® features a wide gel loop to support curled toes, ease pressure on the tips of toes, soften corns, and eliminate forefoot pain. 2 per pack. by PediFix. [read more]
  • Lifts tip of toe to relieve pain
  • Extra wide gel band soothes irritation on top of toe
  • Medical grade gel softens corns

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The Visco-GEL® Hammer ToeCrutch® is contoured to lift toes to take pressure off bent-under toe tips. Gentle support makes shoes comfortable and walking easier. The ToeCrutch takes up less room than other traditionally designed hammer toe crest pads.

Visco-GEL® Hammer ToeCrutch® offers four types of comfort:

  • It elevates to take pressure off sore toe tips by helping to straighten the toe.
  • It cushions underneath the toe, helping guide flexible toes to a  straighter and more aligned position,
  • It supports hammer toes and claw toes,
  • The wide gel strap protects and soothes corns on the top of the toe.

The Visco-GEL® ToeCrutch™ is made of medical-grade silicone infused with mineral oil and vitamin E to cushion and soften corns and calluses.

Hand washable in warm soapy water. Reuse when air try. Effective for weeks.

Comes in 3 sizes:

  • Small: for small toes, (13 mm diameter toe loop, 28mm long),
  • Medium: for middle toes (14 mm diameter toe loop, 32mm long),
  • Large: for large toe (16 mm diameter toe loop, 37mm long)

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Indications - Hammer ToeCrutch Pads are used in the care and treatment of painful calluses on the tips of toes, ulcerations on the tips of toes, hammer toesclaw toesmallet toes, and poorly-aligned toes.

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SKU#: M993

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