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VHD - Vasyli Howard Dananberg Insole

Manufacturer: Vasyli Medical
SKU: M963
The VHD - Vasyli Howard Dananberg Insole - is the only over-the-counter orthotic insert that allows completely adjustable treatment of hallux limitus by placing removable wedges under the great toe joint. Latex free. 1 pair/pkg. [read more]
  • Adjust insole under your big toe for optimal comfort
  • Removable wedges raise or lower your big toe joint
  • Helps with arthritis, hallux limitus, turf toe, and hallux rigidus pain

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Vasyli Howard Dananberg (VHD) Insoles are designed for patients with 1st ray dysfunction (1st metatarsal and great toe) that leads to hallux limitus. The Vasyli Howard Dananberg Orthotic allows the user to "tune" the function of the 1st ray by modification of proximal and distal plugs (removable wedges) to raise or lower the 1st ray. Latex free.

  • Removable wedges and 3-plane motion control
  • Personalize range of motion to improve function and relieve pain
  • Solid arch support and heel cupping shock absorption.
  • Made of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA), a microcellular foam. The top cover is brushed nylon.
  • heat moldable and designed primarily to fit in athletic shoes or boots.

The Vasyli Howard Dananberg Orthotics are indicated for stage 1-3 hallux limitus. For stage 4 hallux limitus (hallux rigidus), we recommend the use of a turf toe plate. The difference between the Vasyli Howard Dananberg Orthotic and the turf toe plate boils down to flexibility vs. rigidity – the Vasyli Howard Dananberg Orthotic is used to increase the range of motion of the great toe joint, while the turf toe plate acts as a rigid splint to the joint, inhibiting motion. Be sure to consult our knowledge base article on hallux limitus for more information on staging of hallux limitus.

Five Sizes:

  • XSmall (Women's 5-6)
  • Small (Women's 7-8, Men's 6-7)
  • Medium (Women's 9-10, Men's 8-9)  
  • Large (Women's 11-12, Men's 10-11) 
  • XLarge (Men's 12-13)

The VHD-Vasyli Howard Dananberg Orthotic is also a great choice for those with a high arch and plantarflexed first ray.

Indications: The VHD-Vasyli Howard Dananberg Orthotic is used in the treatment of hallux limitus, hallux rigidus, turf toe, sesamoiditis, and bunion pain.

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SKU#: M963

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