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Ultra Thin Ball of Foot Slip-on Strap

SKU: M982
The Ultra Thin Ball of Foot Slip-on Strap is a soft, reusable gel cushion that offers comfort and relief for ball-of-foot and forefoot pain. A great shoe pad for pumps, high heels, and more. One size. By 1 pair/pkg. [read more]
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The Ultra Thin Ball of Foot Slip-on Strap is a soft metatarsal pad that provides comfort, pain relief, and protection to the forefoot, metatarsal heads, and ball of the foot. Ultra-Thin Ball Of Foot Slip-on Straps are ideal to cushion fat pad atrophy of the forefoot. The elastic sleeve fits comfortably over your forefoot, keeping the pad in place. The Ultra Thin Ball of Foot Slip-on Strap provides forefoot protection and shock absorption and reduces calluses in dress shoes, pumps, high heels, ballet shoes, and more. One size. By 1 pair/pkg.

  • Satin fabric over a gel pad. Latex-free.
  • Washable and reusable. Each cushion can be used over and over again.

Indications - Ultra Thin Ball Of Foot Slip-on Straps are used in the treatment of bursitis, callus, capsulitis, forefoot pain, Freiberg's infraction, metatarsalgia, Morton's neuroma, and sesamoiditis. Also great to add padding to the forefoot in cases of fat pad atrophy.

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SKU#: M982

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