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Turf Toe of the IP Joint

Great toe injuries post 1st mpj fusionx-ray 1st mpj fusion

I saw an interesting case of turf toe this week.  The patient was a 63 y/o female who underwent 1st mpj fusion for stage 4 hallux limitus in 2007.  The fusion was a success and the patient went on to be quite active in sports.

The patient presented to my office this week stating that 2 weeks ago she had caught her great toe in the pants cuff of a friend while walking.    The resulting fall caused an injury to the interphalangeal joint (IP joint) of the great toe.  The IP joint is the joint in the toe, close to the nail.  X-rays of the foot showed a stable fusion site with no indication of injury to the 1st mpj.  But turf toe plateironically, the primary injury was a hyperextension injury of the IP joint.  When this injury occurs at the 1st mpj, it is classically called turf toe.  Could we call this injury of the IP joint turf toe?  I think we can.  This is the first case of IP joint turf toe that I’ve seen.  This is an unusual case that is directly due to the great toe fusion.

Treatment includes rest, ice, NSAID’s and use of a turf toe plate.  She should heal unremarkably.


Dr. Jeffrey Oster
Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM

Medical Advisor

Updated 3-11-2021

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