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The Ultimate Callus Pack Holiday Gift Bundle

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The Ultimate Callus Pack - safe effective tools for even the toughest of calluses. Give someone the gift of the best home pedicure experience, or treat yourself to all of these full-sized spa products. Save $6.77 on these products when purchased as a gift bundle. By [read more]
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The Ultimate Callus Pack is the ultimate stocking stuffer for those friends and family who struggle with recurrent calluses on their heels, forefeet and toes.

The Ultimate Callus Pack includes:

  • Natural Moisturizing Callus Butter,  (1 oz.) an amazing formulation of coccoa butter, bees wax and natural oils that will treat even the toughest of calluses.
  • Pedi-Quick 2-Sided Foot File is a pedicure tool with 2 different emery surfaces, one fine and one coarse, to gently smooth rough, dry or hardened skin.
  • Natural Lavender Tea Tree Oil Lotion (4 oz.). Soothes dry, rough skin and calms irritations and infections.

When all 3 products are used on a regular basis, you will have smooth, soft feet!

Save $ 6.77 on these products when purchased together in this holiday gift pack.  Retail price when purchased separately is $29.85.

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