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The beauty of running – just you and your shoes

Strip down, lace up and go.  Recreational running is Running resources and supportjust about you and your shoes.

The simplistic beauty of running is about you and your shoes.  Strip down, lace up and go is what allows you to sneak in a quick run after work.  And in these crazy pandemic days, running can represent everything between your primary mode of transportation and your deep keel of mental health. is the runner’s resource for foot care needs

We’re here to help you tune your shoes and optimize your run.  Our foot and ankle educational resources get you on track regarding foot and ankle conditions.  Our wide-ranging selection of foot care products help you tune your shoes, making that next run an extra special moment.

Running shoe modifications – how to make the right choices

Top notch support, comprehensive foot and ankle health care knowledge and affordable products. enables runners to shop from home with confidence, knowing that runners really can make the right modification to their running shoes.

Find the right diagnosis and the right foot and ankle product

Before you make any purchase, take a couple of minutes to read about your problem in our foot and ankle knowledge base.  Products for each condition are recommended at the conclusion of each article.  All product recommendations are made by a board-certified podiatrist.

Strip down, lace up and go with confidence know that has your back.


Jeffrey Oster, DPM

Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM

Medical Adviser

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