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Tailor's Bunions | What are the pathomechanics of a tailor's bunion?

How does the Tailor's Bunion Toe Spreader Combo Pad work?Tailor's bunion

A Toe Spreader?  Who needs that, right?

The classic description of a tailor's bunion (also called a bunionette) is a bump on the outside of the foot just proximal to the little toe.  The bump is normal bone that is poorly aligned.  The bump of bone is located on the head of the 5th metatarsal bone.  And in many cases, the bump is caused by bowing of the 5th metatarsal bone.

X-ray tailor's bunionBut when you look a little closer though at a tailor's bunion, there's actually a whole lot more happening to the biomechanical properties of the 4th and 5th toe.  As the 5th metatarsal bows out away from the foot, the tendons that control the upward and downward motion of the toe start to pull in an eccentricSoft corn of the foot manner.  Rather than pulling the toe straight up and down, they now also pull the 5th to towards the 4th toe.  In the x-ray image to the left, the blue arrow highlights the base of the 4th toe and the orange arrow shows how the bone in the 5th toe, due to the eccentric pull of the tendons, is now pressing against the 4th toe.  The result of this poor alignment of the toe is often a corn between the toes.   An interdigital corn between the toes is shown in the image to the right.

So what's all this have to do with the Tailor's Bunion Toe Spreader Combo Pad?  It is true that many tailor's bunions are just a straightTailor's Bunion Tow Spreader Combo Pad up bump on the outside of the foot.  But padding the outside of the foot won't address the soft corn between the toes.  And that's what so special about The Tailor's Bunion Toe Spreader Combo Pad.  The pad treats both the tailor's bunion and the soft corn.  How cool is that?


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