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Silicone Heel Cups

Manufacturer: Pedifix
SKU: M1136
Silicone Heel Cups absorb shock, disperse pressure and cushion heels to ease pain. The Blue Zone Comfort Spot provides extra protection under the heel. By Pedifix. One pair/pkg. [read more]
  • Medical-grade Silicone doesn't flatten or deform
  • Relieves heel pain, reduces shock
  • Two hardness measurements cushion heel with softer 'Blue Zone'
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Silicone Heel Cups are made of soft silicone gel and have an even softer Blue Zone for extra cushioning, protection and relief from heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and achilles tendonitis. By Pedifix. One pair/pkg.

  • Medical-grade Silicone never flattens,degrades or deforms
  • Relieves heel pain, reduces shock to skeletal system
  • Dual durometer (hardness measurement) cushioning with softer 'Blue Zone' provides extra shock absorption
  • Medium density firmness absorbs impact efficiently, recovers quickly

Directions:  Place Cup flat side down, snugly against the heel of the shoe.

Care: Hand wash. Air dry completely. Sprinkle with talcum or other body powder if gel becomes tacky.

Warning: Increase wearing time gradually. Do not place product on an open wound. If irritation or discomfort increase, discontinue use.

Indications - Silicone Heel Cups are used in the treatment of heel painheel spursBaxter's nerve compressionplantar fasciitis, and Sever's Disease.

Foot Care Tip! - Having a hard time deciding which heel pad is right for your needs? Be sure to read our blog post entitled, 'Which heel pad is right for me? Relative hardness of heel lifts and heel cups.'

SKU#: M1136

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