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Reusable Foot Pads

What's so cool about reusable gel foot pads? The reason they're so popular is that they just keep on a' working. Simply wash with soap and water and they become adherent again.

Reusable foot pads - how do they work?Gel Callus Cushion

Long-lasting and effective - reusable metatarsal pads and reusable dancer's pads.

Reusable foot pads fill a niche that is important to a lot of our customers.  The indications for reusable foot pads include:

  • Quick on-off application.
  • Easy to use around the house, under a pair of socks or without shoes
  • Use in dress shoes where a traditional shoe pad cannot fit.
  • Use in wet environments such as water aerobics in water shoes.

When possible, I'll always recommend that you try to place a metatarsal pad or dancer's pad in the shoe on the bottom of theReusable Gel Callus Cushion insole.  In this way, the pad is in-place whenever you're ready to go.  And when placed on the bottom of the insole, the pad is less likely to move as you put your foot in and out of the shoe.  But not all shoes have a removable insole.  That's where the reusable pads have a place.

Reusable Gel Dancer's PadsThe remarkable thing about the reusable line of pads is that when the sticky side of the pad starts to fail, wash it with a little soap and water.  Soap and water will revive the sticky side so that it's ready to use again.

The indications for each of the reusable pads depends upon the location of the problem.  The most common use of reusable pads is for forefoot conditions including capsulitis, metatarsalgia and Morton's neuroma.  The indications for reusable gel foot pads are only limited by your imagination.  They can be used for saddle bone deformities, Haglund's Deformity or other lumps, bumps or areas of callus.

We carry a number of different sizes and shapes of reusable pads.  The thickness and shape vary due to your need.  Easy to use, long-lasting and comfortable - that's the line of reusable foot pads from


Dr. Jeffrey Oster
Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM

Medical Advisor

Updated 4/15/2021

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