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Picture of Heel Spur
Heel Spur
The terms heel spur and heel spur syndrome describe a condition more commonly called plantar fasciitis. For more information on heel pain, please follow the link to plantar fasciitis. Last Update: December... read more...
Picture of Peroneal Tendonitis
Peroneal Tendonitis
Peroneal tendonitis is an inflammatory condition of the peroneus longus and/or peroneus brevis tendons. Peroneal tendonitis occurs as a result of acute or chronic overloading of one or both of the peroneal... read more...
Picture of Peroneal Tendon Subluxation
Peroneal Tendon Subluxation
Subluxation is the medical term used to describe the action of one or more anatomical parts slipping or moving out of their normal position. Peroneal tendon subluxation refers to a recurrent snap or popping... read more...
Picture of Peroneal Tendon Rupture
Peroneal Tendon Rupture
Peroneal tendon ruptures are often the result of an inversion ankle sprain. During an ankle sprain, the peroneal tendons pull up against the outside of the ankle to restrain the rolling motion of the ankle.... read more...
Picture of Plantar Fasciitis
Plantar Fasciitis
Plantar fasciitis is an inflammatory condition of the foot that occurs at the insertion of the plantar fascia on the plantar (bottom) heel. Pain is severe with initial weight bearing... read more...
Picture of Sever's Disease
Sever's Disease
Sever's disease, also known as calcaneal apophysitis, is an inflammatory condition of the growth plate of the heel (calcaneus.) Sever's disease is seen during periods of active bone growth, particularly... read more...
Picture of Sinus Tarsi Syndrome
Sinus Tarsi Syndrome
Sinus tarsi syndrome is an inflammatory reaction found within the sinus tarsi. The sinus tarsi is the lateral entry point to the subtalar joint. The subtalar joint consists of the talus on the top and... read more...
Picture of Tarsal Coalition
Tarsal Coalition
A tarsal coalition is a bridge of soft tissue present at birth that changes to bone in the late adolescence foot. As the tarsal coalition progresses from a fibrous coalition to a boney coalition it produces... read more...
Picture of Haglund's Deformity
Haglund's Deformity
Haglund's deformity is the term used to describe an enlargement of the posterior/lateral heel. Haglund's deformity also goes by the name of Haglund's disease and pump bump. Most clinicians agree that Haglund's... read more...