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Pedi-Quick® 2-Sided Foot File

Manufacturer: Pedifix
SKU: M1123
Pedi-Quick® 2-Sided Foot File works gently and safely with one fine and one course emery surface. Gently removes rough, dry, hardened skin, corns and calluses. By Pedifix. 2/pkg. [read more]
  • Keeps corns & calluses to a mimimum
  • Keeps feet soft & smooth
  • Two filing surfaces: one fine, one course
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Two different emery surfaces — one fine and one coarse — gently smooth dry, rough, or hardened skin. Works great on corns and calluses. Ergonomically-designed, non-slip handle provides precise control. Pedi-Quick® 2-Sided Foot File is a great shaver for broad, flat calluses and scraper of tough heel calluses. Re-usable and easy to clean. By Pedifix. 2 files/pkg.

  • Helps eliminate corns & calluses
  • Keeps feet soft & smooth
  • Two filing surfaces: one fine, one course
  • Non-slip handle

Directions: It's best to soak your feet in warm, soapy water to cleanse and soften skin before filing.Dry thoroughly. With repeated strokes in the same direction, move the file across affected area to take off unwanted skin. Stop use if area becomes painful or irritated. For best results, apply moisturizer to feet after use. Regular use of this file helps keep feet soft and well groomed day after day.

Care: Hand wash in warm soapy water. rinse thoroughly. Air dry before reuse.

Indications - The Pedi-Quick® 2-Sided Foot File is used in the treatment of heel fissurescracked heels, and forefoot callus.

Foot Care Tip! Callus is the medical term used to describe a protective layer of skin that will return over time. The best treatment for callus removal is an ongoing treatment. For best results, spend a little time each week after a shower or bath with a mechanical debridement device such as the Pedi-Quick® 2-Sided Foot File, Callus File or Pumice Stone, and use our Natural Moisturizing Callus Butter or Podiatrist's Choice Callus Control Cream.

Special return policy notification - This item is non-returnable. Due to our compliance with Health and Safety regulations, we cannot accept returns on this product. For more information, please refer to our returns policy. Here's a link to our return policies and procedures.

SKU#: M1123

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