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  • Provides relief from corns, calluses & tender spots
  • Helps prevent blisters
  • Self-sticking adhesive stays in place


Manufacturer: Pedifix
SKU: 1152
Pedi-Patch™ patches are super-thin, self-adhering Moleskin pads that minimize friction and protect skin on your ball of foot, back of heel or anywhere there is a sore spot. By Pedifix, Inc. 12/pkg. [read more]
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Soft, specially-shaped, self-adhesive Moleskin flannel protective ‘patch’ is recommended by foot specialists to protect and cushion the ball of foot and metatarsals from friction and irritation. Eases pain from calluses and sensitive skin. Doesn’t take up any space in shoes. Can be used on back of heel and and other spots shoes cause irritation.   Effective on treating blisters, calluses, and other areas of the feet affected by friction. Loved by runners, hikers, and sports enthusiasts alike. Easily trim the adhesive-backed padding for a custom fit. By Pedifix, Inc. 12/pkg.
Directions:  Wash and dry affected area. Peel pad from adhesive backing. Position over callus or sensitive area to prevent a blister from forming. If needed, scissor-trim for a better fit. Can also be applied directly to inside of shoes to reduce irritation and increase comfort.

Indications - Pedi Patch™pads are used in the treatment of blisters, cornscallusesforefoot painhammer toesclaw toesmallet toestailor's bunionsbunions, and forefoot capsulitis. Moleskin may also be used to protect the heel in cases of Haglund's deformity, or to relieve heel blisters.

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SKU#: 1152

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