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  • Support fallen, weak or high arches
  • Soothe aching, tired feet
  • Self-sticking & stays in place

Pedi-GEL® Arch Pads

Manufacturer: Pedifix
SKU: 1154
Soft Pedi-GEL® Arch Pads conform to the arch, offering support and relieving pain caused by fallen arches, weak arches, and pronation-related foot problems including flat feet. Latex free. By Pedifix. 2 pads/pkg. [read more]
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Pedi-GEL® Arch Pads support the arch, reducing arch pain. These soft cushions adhere directly to the foot or insole to alleviate pain caused by fallen arches, weak arches, flat feet, and pronation-related foot problems. The adhesive does not wear out after one use ~ it is re-activated every time the pads are hand-washed with mild soap and water. By Pedifix. Two pads/pkg.

  • Support fallen, weak or high arches
  • Soothe aching, tired Feet
  • Washable & reusable
  • Self-sticking & stays in place
  • Latex free

Measurements:   Thickness 3.00mm /  Length 91.10mm / Width  58.00mm 

Directions: Wash and dry feet. Peel off backing and apply.To remove, gently peel away from skin or shoe. Do not apply lotions,powders or medications to pads or skin when using Pedi-GEL® products. Keep packaging for storage when not in use.Pads will not adhere to skin unless both are clean and dry.

Hand wash. Air dry completely before reuse. Gel maintains its self-adhesive properties even after washing.

Indications - Reusable Gel Arch Pads are used in the treatment of arch painflat feet, and pronation.

SKU#: 1154

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