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Pedag Holiday becomes the Pedag Viva Mini

The Pedag Holiday is now the Pedag Mini Viva. A great product at a great price.

Pedag Mini Viva

I don't think it comes as news to any of our current shoppers, but for those who purchased The Pedag Holiday Insert in years gonePedag Mini Viva by and are looking to replace it, Pedag updated the Holiday a few years back (I know.)  The original Pedag Holiday is now called the Pedag Viva Mini.

Why bring this up now?  It seems once a Pedag customer, you really stick with the product line.  We had a customer contact us today looking for new Pedag Holiday Inserts.  Their original order for Pedag Holiday's was more than 5 years back, and they were so happy to be able to find the 'new' holiday.

Great product at a great price.  You gotta love Pedag.


Dr. Jeffrey Oster

Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM
Medical Advisor

Updated 12/27/19

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