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Natural Urea Callus Cream

What is urea and how is it used in skin care?Urea Cream

Urea is a naturally occurring nitrogen crystal.  Urea is the product of protein degradation in the human body, produced by the liver and excreted through the kidneys.  Urea is the primary means through which your body eliminates nitrogen.  Urea is non-toxic to the human body.

Commercial uses of urea

Urea can be commercially manufactured and is used in many different applications.  In medicine, urea is prized for its’ hydrating and exfoliating properties.  Additional applications include:

  • Agricultural feed additives
  • Flavor enhancer for tobacco products
  • Explosives
  • Diesel exhaust systems
  • Hair removal products
  • De-icing applications

Urea in skin care - Natural Urea Callus Cream

After many late nights in the lab, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new urea skin cream,  Natural Urea Callus Cream.  Natural Urea Callus Cream is safe enough to use every day and tough enough to soften even the hardest of calluses.  With the addition of tea tree oil and lavender extracts in our formula,  Natural Urea Callus Cream also acts as a potent antifungal.’s line of natural skin care products is developed with sustainability in mind.  All of the products in our Natural’s Line are intended to treat more than one problem.  Our goal is to save our customers money by buying a single product to treat multiple conditions.  Our secondary goal is to decrease packaging and transportations costs.

Natural Urea Callus Cream, the newest addition to the Natural’s skin care line at


Dr. Jeffrey Oster
Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM

Medical Advisor

Updated 12/24/2019

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12/19/2018 3:54 PM
I have very dry, sensitive feet and I'm looking for a natural option. Have you heard of any cases of a reaction to Urea? Thank you.
12/20/2018 7:33 PM
Hi Linda,
Natural Urea Cream was specifically developed by our team to soften skin but also to 'chemically' debride thick, tough skin like cracked heels. Although Natural Urea Cream is safe enough to use every day, I'd recommend you first start with Antifungal Healing Cream. Antifungal Healing Cream is our best selling skin cream. Don't be mislead by the name because in addition to the antifungal properties, Antifungal Healing Cream is also a skin softener and hydrating cream.
Hope this helps.

Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM
Medical Director