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Natural Healthy Nail Butter™

SKU: M1107
Natural Healthy Nail Butter™ moisturizes and thins thick, yellow toenails with the combined power of Lavender oil, tea tree oil, and urea. A safe, effective, painless, daily treatment for problem toenails. 2 tubes/pkg, each tube weighs 0.19oz for a total of 0.38 oz. By [read more]
  • Natural solution to thick discolored nails
  • Use the power of Urea to break down nails
  • Promote healthy nails with lavender and tea tree oils
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Looking for a natural remedy for thick, yellow toenails? Natural Healthyl Nail Butter™ harnesses the power of urea to thin and cure discolored nails painlessly and without surgery. Urea is a naturally-occurring nitrogen compound that selectively removes the diseased nail without affecting the healthy nail. Tea tree oil and lavender oil pack a natural healing punch to treat the nails on contact.  Each stick of Natural Healthy Nail Butter paste contains approximately enough product to treat one large toenail for 30 days. Contains no artificial preservatives, coloring, or perfumes. By 2 tubes/pkg, each tube weighs 0.19oz for a total of 0.38 oz.

Because urea can crystalize when exposed to air, you may find tiny lumps of crystalized urea that have separated from the rest of the ingredients, in your tube of product. The tube is not air-tight, which is why this may occur. However, your nail butter is still effective.

Instructions For Use: Clean the nail with soap and water. Allow to dry completely, then apply a liberal coating of Natural Healthy Nail Butter™. Do not cover with a bandage or Band-Aid. Covering the nail retains moisture and prohibits healthy nail growth. Repeat again for a total of two applications per day. Debride thick nail once a week with a nail cutter, pumice stone, or nail file.

Indications for Natural Healthy Nail Butter™:

Use to treat infections of the toenails and fingernails, traumatic injuries of nails, and thickening of nails due to injury.

*Important* The degree to which the nail is thick, discolored or injured will dictate the duration of treatment. Small, superficial areas may take a matter of weeks to treat. Advanced unhealthy nails or injuries may take 8-12 months to treat. It is important to continue to use Natural Healthy Nail Butter until the nail is completely healthy.

Note: Creams, lotions, and skin/nail care products may not be returned for refund or exchange once the protective seal has been broken. Please see our returns policy for additional information.

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SKU#: M1107

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