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Natural Healthy Nail Butter | Treatment Recommendations

Natural Antifungal Nail Butter works in two ways. It uses 40% urea to debride, thick fungal nail infections. And it uses the natural properties of tea tree oil to fight fungal nail infections. This article explores treatment recommendations for Natural Antifungal Nail Butter.

How to use Natural Healthy Nail Butter

Natural Healthy Nail Butter is the first all-natural product specifically designed to treat nail fungus.  The most effective way to use Natural Antifungal Nail butter is as follows:

  • Begin by debriding the nail with a pumice stone or nail cutter.  Remove any loose nail tissue.Natural Antifungal Nail Butter
  • Wash the site to be treated with soap, water, and a washcloth.
  • Apply a light coat of Natural Healthy Nail Butter to the nail.  Do not cover the nail.
  • Repeat this procedure so that the nail is treated twice each day.

What is nail fungus (onychomycosis)?

Fungus is a form of yeast that thrives in the environment found inside the shoe.  The warm, dark, damp environment found inside the shoe is perfect for fungus to thrive.  For more information on fungal nail infections, visit our knowledge base page on onychomycosis.

Best practices for treating nail fungus.

  • Fungus does not take a day off and neither should you.  The success of using natural Antifungal Nail Butter depends upon your compliance.  Be sure to follow the above and treat the nail twice daily.
  • Rotate shoes to create an environment inside the shoe that does not promote growth of fungus.
  • Dry the feet following a shower or bath.  Use a topical antiperspirant specifically made for feet.


Dr. Jeffrey Oster
Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM

Medical Advisor

Updated 4/22/2021

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