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The Mitten Pad | Why it's just a dancer's pad

A dancer's pad looks like a mitten.

One of the gals that works in my office asked me the other day, "Dr. Oster, where are those pads that look like mittens?"  It took me a second to think about what she meant.  But once it made sense for me, I think her example was spot on.  What she was referring to was a dancer's pad.  Dancer's pads are shaped much like a mitten.Dancer's pad

Dancer's pads are used to treat forefoot problems including:

Proper use of the dancer's pad would put the callus or sore spot in the nook just above the thumb, between the thumb and fore finger.

Dancer's pads can also be used to treat problems beneath the 5th toe.  And this is where the left/right specific nature of the dancer's pads are important to understand.

Dancer's pads are cut to treat problems beneath the big toe joint.

So if you're treating a sesamoid problem of the left foot, you'd order a left dancer's pad.  But the left dancer's pad can also be used to treat a problem beneath the right little toe.  Same pad, just a different spot on the foot.  Be sure to check the video on each of the product pages for more information on fitting dancer's pads.

The mitten pad - I like that.


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