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Arch Pain Relief

1stRaythotics™ - Carbon Fiber Metatarsal/Neuroma Offloader

Offloader 1stRaythotics™ feature a unique combination of 1st and 5th metatarsal extensions that stabilize, support, and limit joint motion. Also offers relief for neuromas and metatarsalgia. Sold as a pair. By Pedifix.
As low as $94.05!

The middle of our foot influences its functionality. Several small bones, muscles and ligaments must cooperate to maintain the arch, form a ‘lever’ which propels us forward. Injury, age, deformities, shoes without adequate support and other challenges cause pain and dysfunction. Fortunately, we offer the world’s largest assortment of metatarsal pads, compression sleeves and supports that stabilize, cushion, protect and align. Simply adhere some to the insides of your shoes for instant comfort and relief. Others wrap around your feet to gently position bones. As with many foot care products, you’ll probably find several types helpful depending on the shoes you wear and the activities you participate in. So, go ahead and try a variety to find what works best for your feet.