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Medically Guided Shopping

Medically Guided Shopping

Every successful business has a unique method of pleasing their customers.  Great companies consistently provide excellent customer service and provide value to their customers that is far superior to their competitors.  As customers, we tend to think of these attributes as a company's brand, a brand being a promise of a benefit.  At the core of many brands is a unique method of doing business, often called a unique product offering.  With a unique product offering, a company can differentiate itself from its' competitors.

In the crowded field of health care, it's unusual to find unique products that are patient-centered.  By patient-centered, I'm referring to tools that enable and empower consumers as patients to self direct their care.  One such patient-centered tool is Medically Guided Shopping.  Medically guided Shopping is the unique product offering from that uses the power of the Internet to help consumers self direct their health care.  Medically Guided Shopping helps consumers find their right diagnosis and the right product, the right way.  What's the right way?  Medically Guided Shopping.

Here's a short video that describes how Medically Guided Shopping works.

medically guided shopping

I'm going to spend this week describing Medically Guided Shopping and how consumers can take advantage of this unique product offering. As medical director of, it's my job to help consumers learn about Medically Guided Shopping and how they can self manage their care.  But what's most interesting is to see the transformation that occurs with customers when they realize that they actually can self direct their care.  It's great to see our customers find our unique product and engage our brand.


Dr. Jeffrey Oster

Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM
Medical Advisor

Updated 12/27/19

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