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Media Kit Media Kit

Table of contents   

1. Contact information
2. Product information
      Foot and Ankle Knowledge Base
      Foot Care Products
      Medically guided Shopping
3. Mission
4. Promotion resources
5. Public speaking
6. Interview resources
7. Reviews and press releases


1. Contact Information


Media QueriesEvents and BookingsOther questions

Thalia Oster 

Thalia Oster 



2. Product information - has two products:

     A. Trusted medical knowledge -

          The Knolwedge Base is a collection of over 130 articles on foot and ankle conditions.  The articles include a summary, review of symptoms and in-depth discussion of each condition.  Knowledge base articles are written to be consumer oriented but detailed enough to be used by medical providers.  The articles contain images and video of conditions. 

     B. Foot care products matched to each knolwedge base condition -

          Each knowledge base article contains a link to foot care products that are specifically chosen to treat that specific condition. uses a unique method of intregrating medical knowledge and medical products.  Medically Guided Shopping is the trade marked method used by to help consumers save time and money. is designed to enable self-directed care so that consumers can easily research their conditions and find the most appropriate product.  When a little extra care is needed, certified product specialists are available by phone, email or by chat. uses Medically Guided Shopping to help you find the right diagnosis and the right product, the right way.


3. Mission statement -


      Short -

 is the leader in an effort to democratize health care by using the internet as a tool to improve health care literacy.

      Long -

          Founded in 1999, is an educationally driven e-commerce web site focused on foot and ankle care.  The engine that drives is the foot and ankle knowledge base.  The knowledge base is a collection of over 130 articles that describe the most common foot and ankle problems.  The knowledge base articles include a summary of the condition, review of symptoms and an in-depth description of the problem.  Treatment recommendations are provided along with foot care products specifically chosen by our medical staff to treat each condition.  Knowlege base articles also include images of the conditions and many videos of surgical procedures.  All articles are peer reviewed by an open source editorial board.  ' helps you find the right diagnosis and the right product, the right way.'


4. Media resources


     A.  Fact Sheet
     B.  Founder's Bio
     C.  The story of

Whenever you wrtite a review or post regarding, please let us know so that we can add it to our Reviews and Press Releases.


5. Jeff and Thalia are available for public speaking.


Topics for public speaking include:


        A. Women in busines
        B. Building your brand
        C. Team building for entrprenuers

        A. Taking medicine from brick and mortar to the web - 'Bricks and clicks.'
        B. The democratization of health care - how the Internet opened the back door at the medical office.
        C. Taking your idea to market - how to use the Internet to leverage your idea


6. Interview resources


    Sample interview questions

        Thalia - as operations director
          1. What is Medically Guided Shopping and how is it new to health care?
          2. How does Medically Guided Shopping help consumers?
          3. Are your products different than what is found in the local drug store?
          4. What kinds of consumers would benefit from Medically Guided Shopping?
          5. How does interact with social media and how does that benefit consumers?
          6. In what ways do you interact with cusotmers?  email?  Chat?  Social media?
          7. As an attorney, have you found your training helpful at

        Jeff - as medical director
          1. What is Medically Guided Shopping and how doe it help consumers?
          2. How is used by medical providers?
          3. Is used to satisfy meaningful use for government backed electronic health records?
          4. What are some examples of real-time use of in health care?
          5. Do you use social media to diaganose problems?
          6. What kinds of issues do you run into mixing social media and medicine?
          7. How do you use your medical training at


7. Reviews, lectures and press releases