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Longitudinal Arch Cookies - Felt

SKU: M983
Longitudinal Arch Cookies are felt pads that provide firm arch support for high arches, flat feet, and pronation. A great fit for low-profile shoes that won't accommodate traditional inserts. Adhesive-backed. Universal right/left. By 1 pair/pkg. [read more]
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Longitudinal Arch Cookies provide arch support to the foot without the bulk of orthotics or insoles. These arch pads are made of 1/4" thick, natural felt and have an adhesive backing. Longitudinal Arch Cookies alleviate pain in the arch associated with fallen arches, weak arches, high arches, flat feet, and pronation-related foot problems.

These adhesive-backed pads conform well to the base and wall of shoes. We suggest when possible, removing the existing insoles from your shoes and placing Longitudinal Arch Cookies on the floor and medial (inside) wall of your shoes, then placing the shoes' original insole over the cookies. These arch pads are ideal for shoes with little or no built-in arch support, such as dress shoes and other low-profile footwear. Adhesive-backed. Latex-free. By 1 pair/pkg.

Measurements: 4 1/2" long by 2 1/2" wide by 1/4" thick. May be trimmed with scissors for a perfect fit.

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Indications - Longitudinal Arch Cookies are used in the treatment of arch pain, flat feet, and pronation.

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SKU#: M983

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