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Medically Guided Shopping

The right diagnosis and the right product, the right way - that's + Medically Guided Shopping™.

1. “I already know my diagnosis and I want more information about it” 
Use the search box at the top of the page to explore our foot and ankle knowledge base and learn more about your condition.

“I don’t know my diagnosis but I know where it hurts”
Meet Ingrid (INteractive GRaphical Interface for Diagnoses).  Use your mouse to hover over the image below and click on the location of your problem.  Ingrid will help you locate the conditions specific to the area where your foot hurts.

3. “I’m not sure what I have and I need some help”
Click on the green chat button at the top of the page for instant help.  Alternatively, contact our product specialists by email support or phone (888-859-8901).  We can help you find the right diagnosis.

Once you’ve found your diagnosis, finding the right product is easy. Each condition has products specifically chosen for that condition.

The right diagnosis, the right product, the right way.  That’s Medically Guided Shopping™ – only at