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Hallux Trainer Insoles

What's a Morton's extension? Learn how a Morton's extension is the key to what makes the Hallux Trainer, Molded turf Toe Plate and Flat Turf Toe Plates so effective in treating hallux limitus and hallux rigidus.

Hallux Trainer InsolesHallux Trainer Insoles

Treating hallux limitus with Hallux Trainer Insoles

Hallux Trainer Insoles are used to treat hallux limitus (also often called turf toe).  Hallux Trainer Insoles are a finished product with a Vitatex antifungal top cover, Memopur soft foam insert and metatarsal pad.  Hallux Trainer Insoles are soft and comfortable, but offer the rigidity of a Morton's extension to treat hallux limitus.

Hallux limitus is a progressive form of localized arthritis specific to the great toe joint.  Turf toe is an acute injury of the great toe joint.  Both conditions cause great toe joint pain and can be treated by splinting, or limiting the range of motion of the great toe joint.

Turf Toe PlatesA Morton's extension, sometimes also referred to as a turf toe plate or turf toe insert, is an extension of the shell of the insert that is intended to limit the range of motion of the great toe joint.  Limiting the motion of the great toe joint is very helpful when hallux limitus has created bone spurs on the top of the great toe joint.  These bone spurs, called an exostosis or dorsal bump, painfully limit the normal range of motion of the joint.  Use of Hallux Trainer Insoles will limit that bone on bone contact, decreasing the pain associatedTurf Toe Plate - Flat with hallux limitus.

Earlier I called the Hallux Trainer Insoles a finished product.  We also offer an unfinished version of the Turf Toe Plate- Molded and the Turf Toe Plate - Flat.  Both of these products offer the same limitation of range of motion at the great toe joint, but do not have a finished top cover or metatarsal pad.

Which is a better product for your needs?  Personal selection depends upon your intended use and type of shoes that you may be wearing.  Be sure to contact us if you need more help selecting the right product for your needs.


Dr. Jeffrey Oster
Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM

Medical Advisor

Updated 12/24/19

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