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Tips for choosing the right carbon/glass fiber orthotic - Hallux Trainer Insoles

Part 4 of 6

Hallus Trainer Insoles

So far in this series of blog posts about carbon fiber inserts, we've talked about several of the carbon fiber orthotics that we use.  But to date, none of these orthotics are 'tailored'.  When I say tailored, carbon graphite shoe insertsI'm referring to an orthotic that is dressed out as a finished product.  Not to say that you can't use the bare-bones version of a turf toe plate as is.  Many folks will finish the plates with a top cover or Hallux Trainer Insoledress it with a met pad.  In fact, a lot of podiatry offices, pedorthic shops, and shoe stores will use these prefab, unfinished orthotics as a base and dress them up for customers.

But when it comes to a finished or tailored carbon fiber insert with a Morton's extension, we usually recommend the Hallux Trainer Insoles.  The Hallux Trainer has a Morton's extension, metatarsal pad, and comfortable firm foam top liner.  The bottom of the insert is also covered.  With the Hallux Trainer Insole, you're getting the best of both worlds with a carbon insert that's finished.

Why choose the Hallux Trainer Insole?

  • It's versatile - it acts as a good replacement for the stock insoles that come in tennis shoes or boots.
  • It's rigid - made out of the same carbon fiber as our other models.  We do find the Hallux Trainer to be just a shade more flexible than our other turf toe orthotics.
  • It's durable - top cover and bottom cover wear well.
  • Arch support - much more comfortable than the flat turf toe plates.

Why not to choose the Carbon Graphite Shoe Plate Flat?

  • Size - as a finished product, the Hallux Trainer is going to fit into only tennis shoes and work boots.  Not a good choice for dress shoes.
  • It's rigid - if you're not in the market for a stiff Morton's extension, you'd be better off to look at our SOLE Active Insole.

What can I do in a Hallux Trainer Insole?

  • Work - no limitations here.  Should fit most work shoes (unless you work at Ballet Met)
  • Sports - should do you well in all sports.  The top cover reduces sheer forces seen in multi-directional sports such as basketball.


Dr. Jeffrey Oster

Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM
Medical Advisor

Updated 12/27/19

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