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  • Straighten & align crooked toes that rub
  • Cushion & relieve pressure
  • Mineral oil softens corns and calluses

Gel Toe Spacers - 10 pack

SKU: M2003
Gel Toe Spacers divide sore toes with their unique soft, 'hourglass' shaped gel. Absorbs friction, eases pressure on bunions and crooked toes. [read more]
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Gel Toe Spacers help align the big toe, relieve bunion pain, and ease deep joint pain between all toes. Reduces irritation between crooked and overlapping toes.. Useful as a splint after bunion surgery. Made of medical-grade silicone infused with mineral oil to cushion and soften corns and calluses. Latex-free. Simple and effective. By MyFootShop. 10/pkg.

  • Straighten & align crooked toes that rub
  • Cushion & relieve pressure
  • Gel helps keep them in place
  • Mineral oil softens corns and calluses

Although sizing may vary we recommend the following:

  • Small fits women's sizes 5-7, men's sizes 4-6 (Height= 3/4" Width= 3/4" Thickness=1/4"  )
  • Medium fits women's sizes 7-10, men's sizes 6-9 (Height= 7/8" Width=1" Thickness=1/4")
  • Large fits women's 10-13+, men's size 9-12+ (Height= 1" Width=1 1/8" Thickness=1/4")

Directions: Place Spacer between toes. Pull on socks carefully and readjust as needed. For maximum benefit, do not wear shoes that interfere with toe freedom.

Care: Hand wash. Air dry completely. Sprinkle with powder if gel becomes tacky.

Indications - Gel Bunion Spacers are used in the care and treatment of poorly-aligned bunions. Also great as a splint to maintain alignment of the great toe after bunion surgery.


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