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Fungal toe nails – chemically debride, naturally treat

Fungal toe nails – chemically debride, naturally treat

Treatment of fungal toe nail infections can be successful with topical medications or oral medications. Inherent in the success of treatment is compliance in the method of treatment that you choose. This article discusses use of a unique product called Natural Antifungal Nail Butter that is used to chemically debride the nail while naturally treating the fungal toe nail infection.

Treatment of onychomycosis requires elimination of the diseased portion of the nail – that’s what’s so special about Natural Antifungal Nail Butter

Fungal nail infections, also known as onychomycosis or mycotic nails, come in varying degrees of infection.  Fungal infections of the nail classically start at the distal tip of the nail and slowly progress under the nail, moving proximally.  As the fungal infection spreads, the nail becomes thick and discolored.  Filaments of the skin and nail become evident at the distal tip of the nail and then progressively separates from the underlying nail bed.

Early-stage treatment of onychomycosis with topical antifungals

Early onychomycosisIn the early stages of onychomycosis, use of a topical antifungal medication can help to improve the infection.  Notice that I say improve.  Antifungal medications, whether topical or oral, will improve the appearance of the nail but will never eliminate the infection.  So you must consider treatment as an ongoing task.  A good analogy would be brushing your teeth to remove plaque.  You can’t brush your teeth for 2 months and assume the tartar and plaque will be cured for good.  You need to continue to brush on an ongoing basis.  The same holds true for treatment of onychomycosis.  In the early stages of treating onychomycosis, topical antifungal medications like ClearZal and Terpenicol Antifungal Cream work well to decrease the rate of fungal growth.  Decreasing the rate of fungal growth allows the healthy nail to grow out at a faster rate, slowly eliminating the fungal infection.

Late stage treatment of onychomycosis with topical antifungals

Late stage onychomycosisIn later stages of onychomycosis, the nail thickens and becomes yellow.  As the nail thickens, it becomes difficult for a topical medication to penetrate the nail.  At this stage, mechanical or chemical debridement of the nail is required to enable effective use of the topical antifungal medication.  Nail cutters can be used to mechanically debride the nail.  Use of a nail cutter can leave the nail rough and irregularly shaped.  Chemical debridement is often preferable due to the fact that chemical debridement is a slow and gradual method that preserves the shapeNatural Antifungal Nail butter of the nail.  The optimal method of debriding the nail is to use both chemical and mechanical debridement.  Chemical debridement softens the nail while use of a nail cutter will help remove the softened nail.

In the lab, we developed a unique topical antifungal that chemically debrides the nail and treats the fungal infection at the same time.  The properties of Natural Antifungal Nail Butter include:

  • Use of 40% urea to chemically debride thick mycotic nails.
  • Treats onychomycosis with tea tree oil and lavender.

Natural Antifungal Nail Butter is the only product on the market today that manages the thickness of fungal nails and treats the fungus simultaneously.


Dr. Jeffrey Oster
Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM

Medical Advisor

Updated 3/16/2021

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11/27/2018 9:19 AM
I have early stage nail fungus on my big toe nails. I have read the details of your Natural Antifungal Nail Butter with interest, but am not sure I need much debriding. Would use of your new Natural Antifungal Nail Solution be a better fit for me to clear up the beginnings of nail fungus?
11/27/2018 10:42 AM

Absolutely.  Although <a href="/natural-antifungal-nail-butter">Antifungal Nail Butter</a> has all of the active ingredients to treat fungal infections, it is primarily used to debride thick, unhealthy fungal nails.  If you don't see significant thickening of the nail, start right off with <a href="/natural-antifungal-nail-solution">Antifungal Nail Solution.</a>

Hope this helps.

<a href="/jeffrey_a_oster_dpm_cv">Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM</a>
Medical Director