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Fungal Nail Infections | How to optimize treatment

Is medicated nail polish enough to treat fungal infections of toe nails?Just For Toenails medicated nail polish

How can I optimize treatment of fungal nail infections?

We sell a lot of our medicated nail polish, Just For Toenails.  Although Just For Toenails is active against fungal nail infections (also called onychomycosis), treating fungal nail infections with a topical agent like Just For Toenails is just the starting point of treatment.  What else can be done to treat nail fungus?  Let’s take a closer look at what I consider to be a comprehensive approach to fungal infections of the toe nails.

First and foremost, be sure to change the environment that promotes growth of fungal infections.  Keep the feet cool and dry by exercising the following steps:

  • Rotate shoes to allow them to dry over the course of 24 hours between use.
  • Use a drying powder with antifungal properties to dry the shoe.
  • Change your socks at the end of work or wear open shoes.
  • Use a topical antiperspirant like Onox to dry the foot.

Most cases of nail fungus begin with fungal infections of the skin.  Controlling fungal infections of the skin requires daily use of topical antifungal products.  Daily use of an antifungal soap or lotion will significantly reduce the transfer of fungal infections from the skin to the nail.  These products include:

Fungal infections of the skin cannot be healed and require daily, routine care.  Following these simple guidelines will significantly reduce fungal infections and result in healthy skin and nails.


Dr. Jeffrey Oster
Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM 

Medical Advisor  

Updated 12/24/19

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