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Foot care education

A podiatrist guest lectures to third graders

I had the honor this week of lecturing to a wonderful group of 9 year olds at the Boulder High Peaks Elementary School in Boulder, Colorado.  How did a regular Joe like me achieve the honor of being the day’s keynote speaker to a group of 3rd graders?  I’ve got the inside track; their teacher, Mrs. Kennedy just happens to be my daughter.  And the topic?  The kids had been studying the bones and muscles of the feet.  So, talk about being the perfect guy for the job.

I learned two things about 9 year olds who are in virtual learning.  First, they never stop moving.  As I stared at a combined class of fifty kids, they were a blur of motion spinning in their chairs, constantly moving.  But more importantly, I learned that they are insightful in many ways.  I’d like to share with you the orientation of foot care from the perspective of a 9 year old virtual learning student.

Here are some of the unedited questions from my daughter’s class:

  • Can you break a tendon?
  • What connects to make an ankle?
  • How do our bones in the foot and ankle not get tired when they work because they don't really take any rest of working right?
  • How long dose it take a bone to heal ushily
  • What is the most common bone you can break in your foot?
  • How many bones do you have in your feet?
  • What does a broken leg look like?
  • How many types of bones are there?
  • Can tendons snap?
  • How much do all the bone in your body weigh? Do bones have skin?
  • 🦶Is it hard to be a ankle and foot doctor?
  • how do they do ankle surgery?
  • What are we learning about?
  • If you broke a bone, and healed it is it as good as the original?
  • My question is that what is it like when you do the foot and ankle thing is it yucky cool what does it look like do you do surgery and I have a story about my grandfathers leg under this.😷😷😷😷

    My grandfather did something with his foot once or twice and he broke his leg when he was on a ladder because it fell and if he fell on my grandma my dad would not have a brother so that means I would not have a uncle.😷😷😷😷
  • Sometimes my mom's feet crack in the morning. What is happening?
  • can your ankle bone brake?
  • how strong is your bone?

Thanks to all the 3rd grade kids at Boulder High Peaks School for having me speak.  And thanks to Mrs. Kennedy, the best teacher ever.


Dr. Jeffrey Oster
Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM

Medical Advisor

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