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FELTastic® Oval Callus Pads

Manufacturer: Pedifix
SKU: M1150
FELTastic® Oval Callus Pads surround and protect tender areas on your feet. Relieves pressure and pain caused by corns and calluses on ball-of-foot and heel. One size. By Pedifix. 16/pkg. [read more]
  • Cushion & protect sensitive areas
  • Help relieve & prevent calluses and corns
  • Asorb pressure & friction, off-load weight
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FELTastic® Oval Callus Pads are soft, medical-grade wool felt pads that adhere to your feet or the insides of shoes to cushion, protect and offload painful areas on the ball-of-foot, heel, bunion, blisters, and other sore spots. Felt conforms to your feet for customized daily relief. Scissor-trimmable. 1/8" thick. One size. By Pedifix. 16/pkg.

  • Cushion & protect sensitive areas
  • Help relieve & prevent calluses and corns
  • Asorb pressure & friction, off-load weight
  • Self-adhering to feet or shoes

See our Reusable Gel Oval Callus Cushions for a gel oval pad that can be used over and over again.

Directions: To apply to feet, shoes or insoles, test placement for comfort. Remove adhesive backing, press firmly into place. For secure positioning, apply to clean, dry surfaces. Keep dry to extend lifespan of product.

Indications - FELTastic® Oval Callus Pads are used in the treatment of forefoot callusforefoot painHaglund's deformitiessaddle bone deformities, bunions, and metatarsalgia.

SKU#: M1150

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