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Fact Sheet Fact Sheet

Established:        1999

Founders:             Thalia and Jeffrey Oster


Thalia Oster, JD
COE (chief of everything)
Director of media relation

Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM
CEO and Medical Director

1159 Cherry Valley Rd.
Newark, Ohio  43055

Mission:                To democratize health care by using the Internet as a tool to improve health care literacy.

Motto:                    We help you find the right diagnosis and the right product, the right way.

Employees:          8


1. Knowledge – the foot and ankle knowledge base contains over 130 articles that describe the summary, symptoms and treatment recommendations for foot and ankle conditions.       
2. Foot and ankle care products – Over 150 foot and ankle care products carefully matched to each condition in the knowledge base.

Competative Advantage: is unique in its’ market, combining medical knowledge and products specifically chosen to meet the needs of those conditions.

Unique Product Offer:
Medically Guided Shopping™ is a trademarked business method developed by to help clients self-direct their care.  We help our clients find the right diagnosis and the product, the right way™.  What’s the right way?  Medically Guided Shopping™.