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Darco® Post-Op Shoe

Manufacturer: Darco
SKU: M782
The Darco Post-Op Shoe is a semi-flexible, open-toe medical shoe used to provide room and support to the foot following foot trauma or surgery and allow walking. Support and protection for metatarsal stress fractures, broken toes or after foot surgery. Universal right/left. By Darco. Blue only. 1/pkg. [read more]
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The Darco® Post-Op Shoe was developed by a foot surgeon after realizing that wooden and other inflexible post-op footwear added stress to surgical sites and made walking uncomfortable. The Darco® Shoe features a semi-flexible foam inner sole that conforms to the foot during gait to reduce stress on fractures and post-operative areas. Soft, padded upper, reinforced heel and non-skid outer sole make walking safer, easier and more comfortable. By Darco. 1/pkg.

  • Features a semi-flexible foam sole that contours to the foot during gait
  • Reinforced heel & non-skid outer sole make walking more comfortable
  • Constructed like a running shoe
  • Reduces stress on fracture & post-op sites

Sizing: Please choose a size of Post-Op Shoe that is equal to or larger than your normal size, if between sizes, order next size up. See length measurements when you make your choice.

Indications - Post-Op Shoes are most commonly used to accommodate bandages after foot surgery. They also may be used in the management of broken toesmetatarsal fracturesfoot and ankle sprains, and in the treatment of diabetic ulcers.

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SKU#: M782

Old SKU# 781

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