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Comfo-High Arch Insole

SKU: M986
Comfo-High Arch Insoles are firm orthotic support inserts for high arches designed for maximum control of pronation and supination while providing superior comfort and balance. Great for runners. By 1 pair/pkg. [read more]
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The Comfo-High Arch Insole is a specialty orthopedic shoe insert used to provide firm support for those with high arches and extra control for flexible flatfeet. The medial arch (medial flange) of these semi-rigid orthotic insoles is designed to integrate with the medial wall of the shoe. An extra-deep heel seat provides unsurpassed control of heel motion. Comfo-High Arch Insoles are among the thinnest insoles that may be used by both children and adults. Great for runners. By 1 pair/pkg.

The Comfo-High Arch Insole is a thin, full-length orthotic designed with a high flange for children and adults. Details of these unique orthopedic foot insoles include:

  • 20 shore A (soft density) forefoot- 50 shore A (medium soft density) rearfoot
  • Good edge stability
  • Easy to grind, good adhesion metatarsal foot bed
  • Preformed from above and below
  • High moisture absorption
  • Machine washable up to 86° F

The Comfo-High Arch Insole is available in six European sizes from 35/36 to 45/46. Please see the Measurements tab above to find your fit.

Indications - Comfo-High Arch Insoles are semi-stiff arch supports used in the treatment of arch painarthritis of the foot and anklecuboid syndromeflat feetforefoot painheel painheel spur syndromeperoneal tendonitisplantar fasciitisposterior tibial tendon dysfunctionpronationshin splintssinus tarsi syndrome, and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Foot Care Tip! When shopping for arch support shoe inserts, ask yourself these questions: Will they fit into dress shoes? Are they soft, semi-rigid or rigid? Are they best for casual, dress, sports, or work? On a scale of 1-5 (1 poor/5 best), we rate the Comfo-High Arch Insole a '3' for dress shoes and a '5' for tennis shoes, work boots, and hiking boots. We recommend this arch support for all work and sports activities. Be sure to check each of our other arch supports for additional information.

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SKU#: 986

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