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Cold weather woes for your dry skin

Natural Tea Tree and Lavender LotionCold weather means dry skin

When it's cold outside, my skin gets so dry. There is less moisture in the air outside, and even less moisture inside with furnaces running nonstop. Every winter I battle dry skin, especially on my hands. Since I am always washing my hands and doing dishes, I wind up with jaggedy nails, raw cuticles, and dry skin.

In years passed, I have spent oodles of money trying out different hand creams and moisturizers, until I understood what to look for. I now know that natural hydrating creams and lotions based on plant oils such as sesame oil, and avocado oil absorb into the skin and hydrate longer. We developed our line of natural foot care products primarily as antibacterials and antifungals, but their properties are the perfect elixir for dry skin too.

So, I keep a jar of our Natural Lavender and Tea Tree Lotion next to every sink, along with our Natural Antifungal Lavender Tea Tree Foaming Soap. Whenever I wash my hands, at least I can do it with a gentle moisturizing foaming soap that doesn't dry out my skin, and then add extra moisture with our lotion.


Thalia Oster, JD

Thalia Oster, JD
Founder and COE (Chief of Everything)

Updated 12/27/19

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