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Calcaneal Fracture – Plantar Medial Tubercle

A unique fracture of the calcaneus not found within any fracture classification.Unique fracture of the calcaneus

I saw a unique fracture of the heel bone (calcaneus) this week that in 32 years of practice, I don’t believe I have ever seen before.  This fracture is not described in the most common fracture classifications, including the Rowe and Sanders classifications.

The patient described the onset as the result of trying to make a point in conversation.  She stomped her foot several times and felt an acute onset of pain.  X-rays show a non-displaced fracture of the plantar medial tubercle.  The plantar medial tubercle of the calcaneus is the primary insertion of the plantar fascia.

Fracture healing requires good apposition and good alignment of the fracture site.  In this case, there is a very strong surrounding envelope of soft tissue that will be able to hold the fracture in place and enable uneventful healing.


Dr. Jeffrey Oster
Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM

Medical Advisor

Updated 3-11-2021

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