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Bunion SoftSplint™

Manufacturer: Pedifix
SKU: M1140
Bunion SoftSplint™ aligns and straightens crooked big toes and bunion joints when worn. Right or Left. By Pedifix. One splint/pkg. [read more]
  • Soothes and comfort painful bunions
  • Recommended for patients who don't want bunion surgery
  • Maintains proper big toe alignment
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The Bunion SoftSplint™ is used to control bunion pain by gently straightening your great toe into the correct position. Helps soothe and comfort painful bunions, stretch tight tendons and ligaments while you rest or sleep. Recommended by foot specialists to patients who don’t need or want bunion surgery. Also prescribed as a post-operative splint to speed healing. Intended primarily for use while resting or sleeping. Fits only in very spacious shoes, not typical footwear. Right or Left. By Pedifix. One splint/pkg.

  • Helps soothe & comfort painful bunions
  • Recommended for patients who don't want bunion surgery
  • Maintains proper big toe alignment
  • Stretches & strengthens footligaments and muscles
  • Works while you rest or sleep, or in spacious shoes

Directions: Apply open splint to bottom of the foot with Velcro® strips facing up and to the outside of the foot. Fold flap “B” over foot and secure to “C”. Slide flap “A” between first and second toe, secure to “D”. Secure all flaps to desired fit. Velcro® should be secured for added bunion support.

Care: Hand wash. Press flat in towel to remove excess moisture. Air dry completely before reuse.

Sizing: Although sizing may vary, we recommend the following:

  • Small fits women's sizes 4-7, men's sizes 5-8
  • Medium fits women's sizes 8-10, men's sizes 9-11
  • Large fits women's sizes 11+, men's sizes 12+

Indications - The Bunion Regulator Night Splint is used to re-align bunions (hallux valgus) while you sleep. This also is a great splint to be worn after surgery for bunions.

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SKU#: M1140

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