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Bunion Regulators - What are they and how do they work?

Will a bunion regulator correct your bunion? Bunion regulators are intended to be used as a night splint (non-ambulatory splint). Used in conjunction with day-time bunion pads, bunion regulators can significantly decrease bunion pain.

Bunion Regulator

What’s a Bunion Regulator and how does it work?

Will a Bunion Regulator correct my bunion?

Our staff is often asked by customers whether a Bunion Regulator can actually correct a bunion.  Unfortunately, no, a Bunion Regulator cannot correct a bunion.  And if it can’t correct a bunion, then what is it used for?

Bunion regulators have two primary purposes:

  • Use as a splint to maintain the position of the great toe following bunion surgery.
  • Helps to decrease pain in non-surgical candidates who have painful bunions.

Bunion Regulators are non-ambulatory splints, meaning that while you are wearing a Bunion Regulator, you cannot walk on the foot.  As such, many customers will refer to a Bunion Regulator as a bunion night splint.  A Bunion Regulator is adjustable so that varying degrees of tightness will result in more alignment of the great toe.

There are a number of padding and splint options that can be used on an ambulatory basis.  I’ll address the different types of bunion pads in my next post.


Dr. Jeffrey Oster
Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM

Medical Advisor

Updated 4/15/2021

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