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Bunion Pads - Which one is right for me?

What makes a good bunion pad? That all depends. You can choose from gel, foam, flet and a number of different loops and cushions. sounds like bunion comfort is on the way.

Which bunion pad is best for me?Bunion

Do I need a toe spacer or bunion pad to treat my bunion?

Bunion pain is caused by two problems.  The two types of bunion pain include:

  • Medial bump pain – the bump (bunion) is difficult to fit into a shoe and creates pressure and soreness at the great toe joint.
  • Joint pain – joint pain associated with a bunion is actually a form of arthritis caused by misalignment of the great toe.  As the joint moves, it moves outside of its normal range of motion, resulting in pain.

There are a number of different pads used to treat bunion pain.  Some pads are specific to medial bump pain while others are intended to be used to treat the misalignment of the great toe.  And there’s one pad used to treat both bump pain and joint pain.

Pads used to treat medial bump pain include Gel Bunion Shield, Toe Spacer-Bunion Guard Combo, Foam Bunion Cushion and The Felt Bunion Shield.

Gel bunion shield    Toe Spacer Bunion Guard Combo    Foam Bunion Cushion    Felt Bunion Shield

Pads used to treat joint pain due to bunions include the Gel Bunion Spacer, Toe Separator Large/Firm, Toe Spacer-Bunion Guard Combo and the Gel Bunion Spacer with Stay-Put Loop.

Gel Bunion Spacer    Toe Spacer - Large/Firm    Toe Spacer Bunion Guard Combo    Gel Bunion Spacer with Stay-Put Loop

The one pad that treats both?  The Toe Spacer-Bunion Guard Combo.

What’s the best pad for you?  That depends on a number of variables.  Are you having bump or joint pain?  What kind of shoes are you planning on wearing?  How active are you going to be?  The easy solution?   The Toe Spacer – Bunion Guard Combo.  It’s like hitting two bunions with one pad.


Dr. Jeffrey Oster
Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM

Medical Advisor

Updated 4/15/2021

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