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Blog posts tagged with 'tarsal tunnel'

Posterior Ankle Pain – Differential Diagnosis

What are the causes of posterior ankle pain?Nerves of the lower extremity

One of my peers came to me the other day at the hospital and asked me about a pain she was having in the back of the ankle.  She stated that she had had plain films taken that were unremarkable.  She also had an MRI that failed to show any bone edema, ar...

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and the Tinel’s Sign

Is the Tinel’s sign a reliable diagnostic test?Testing for Tinel's sign of the posterior tibial nerve

Tarsal tunnel syndrome describes an entrapment of the posterior tibial nerve at the medial aspect of the ankle.  The posterior tibial nerve descends the leg and splits into three branches.

  • First branch – supplies sensation to the plantar heel.  Als...
Posterior Shin Splints | Causes and treatment options

Posterior shin splints describes tendinitis of the posterior tibial muscle and tendon. The posterior tibial muscle and tendon originate in the lower leg, deep to the calf muscle. What causes posterior shin splints? This article explores the onset and treatment options for this painful form of ankle pain.

Differential diagnosis for Morton's neuroma

Morton's neuroma is a common condition of the forefoot, but not all forefoot pain is Morton's neuroma. This article explores the differential diagnosis of Morton's neuroma.