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Blog posts tagged with 'sustainable health'

Sustainable Health Care - who bears the real cost of care?

Is the cost of providing health care sustainable? For instance, is it possible for a patient to receive health care services without a residual bill? What if a patient has multiple health problems and sees multiple doctors. Are they able to receive these services and use their insurance coverage to pay for those services?

Sustainable Health Care - the meaning of transparency in health care

Transparency in health care is the ability to easily and clearly understand all of the transactions that take place with your health care. One of the most complicating aspects of receiving and providing health care is the intersection of health care coverage and the care itself. To understand what I mean, think about what it takes for you to personally access your primary care doctor.

Sustainability in Health Care - Lessons Learned From Permaculture

Sustainability is a bit of a buzz word these days. To be sustainable means that you only use what you need, leaving the rest to be used by you or others in the future. For example, sustainability is a popular topic in environmental sciences and refers to renewable agriculture, good stewardship of natural resources and recycling of waste. What about sustainability in health care?