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Blog posts tagged with 'forefoot pain'

Treating metatarsalgia with lateral sole wedges

Lateral foot pain is often described as 5th metatarsal metarsalagia. metatarsalgia can often be treated by decreasing load applied to the 5th metatarsal with each step. This article explores the use of a lateral sole wedge to treat 5th metatarsal metatarsalgia.

Using spring plates to treat plantar plate tears

The plantar plate is a broad, firm pad of tissue found on the plantar surface of the metatarsal phalangeal joint. The plantar plate is often referred to as a ligament but is actually firm fibro-cartilage and resembles the menisci of the knee.

Off-loading forefoot pads - specific purpose - which one is best for my needs?

Off-loading forefoot pads- The third and final category of off-loading forefoot pads are the pads that are used to target or treat a specific portion of the forefoot. By off-loading, we're referring to a pad that is placed adjacent to the area that is being treated.