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CurveCorrect Ingrown Nail Treatment Kit

Now you can correct ingrown nails without painful surgery. The answer is CurveCorrect, the non-surgical tool for ingrown nails.

Which antifungal is right for my toe nail fungus?

Fungal infections of the toe nail come in many different stages. Which antifungal medication is right for your toe nail infection? This article explores the choices in topical medications used to treat fungal infections of the toe nail.

CurveCorrect and Antifungal Medications

A podiatrist contacted to ask whether he could recommend the use of Natural Antifungal Nail Butter while a patient is using NailEase correction for ingrown nails. This article explores the use of both products.

Natural Antifungal Nail Butter | Treatment Recommendations

Natural Antifungal Nail Butter works in two ways. It uses 40% urea to debride, thick fungal nail infections. And it uses the natural properties of tea tree oil to fight fungal nail infections. This article explores treatment recommendations for Natural Antifungal Nail Butter.

Natural Antifungal Nail Butter

Is there a natural way to treat onychomycosis? There is now with Natural Antifungal Nail Butter. Natural Antifungal Nail Butter harnesses the power of 40% urea to chemically debride thick fungal toe nails while treating fungus with tea tree oil.