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Advantage Orthotics™ 3/4-Length Carbon Graphite Arch Supports

Manufacturer: Pedifix
SKU: M1118
Made from carbon graphite material and Pedifix's ‘Perfect Fit’ biomechanical shape supports, these 3/4 length orthotics stabilize your feet to relieve forefoot, arch, heel and plantar fasciitis discomfort, weak and ‘flattened’ arches, foot fatigue, and other common foot conditions. By Pedifix, Inc. One pair per pack. [read more]
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The thin design fits in almost all footwear styles — on top of existing shoe insoles and linings. The 3/4-length is ideal for not crowding toes. Unlike many other insoles, Advantage Orthotics™ are available in every shoe size for Men and Women for a precise fit, proper positioning of the arch support, and maximum comfort and effectiveness. The carbon graphite orthotic technology helps eliminate foot pain in casual, dressy & athletic footwear.
Stronger than steel and light as a feather, carbon graphite fiber Advantage Orthotics™ stiffen existing shoes and insoles, limiting range-of-motion in the mid-foot. If your insoles are soft and squishy, they will NOT control foot function when subject to your body weight and activity level, which limits their effectiveness.
  • Carbon Graphite Never Flattens - strong, thin, light and fits in any shoes
  • Raised arch limits pronation
  • Heel cup stabilizes gait and absorbs shock
  • Supports flat feet, low & fallen arches
  • Relieves plantar fasciitis pain
Directions for Use: Position each Advantage Orthotic with the rounded heel of the insole snugly against the heel of the shoe, and the raised arch support along the inside edge. Advantage Orthotics™ will change how your feet function – a feeling that can take time to get accustomed to. We suggest a break-in period: wear them for just a few hours at a time to start, gradually increasing until all-day use is comfortable.

Wipe with a soapy damp cloth. Completely air dry before reuse.
Indications - The Advantage Orthotics™ 3/4-Length Carbon Graphite Arch Supports  are used in the treatment of arch painflatfeetpronation, plantar fasciitis and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.

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SKU#: M1118

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