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Products recommended for 'gouty arthritis'

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Carbon Fiber Contour Foot Plate

The Carbon Fiber Contour Foot Plate adds rigid support to any shoe. The contoured toe spring enables ease of walking and support for mid-foot and forefoot problems. This spring plate orthotic is a great full-length hallux rigidus insert. Sold individually right or left, not as a pair. By 1 plate/pkg.
As low as $56.95!

Turf Toe Plates - Carbon Graphite - Molded

Carbon Graphite Turf Toe Plates - Molded provide arch support while limiting the range of motion of the great toe joint. Used in the treatment of turf toe, hallux limitus, and hallux rigidus. Sold individually, left or right, not as a pair. By
As low as $62.65!