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Product reviews for Heel Cups - PQ Gel

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Existing reviews
great cushion
These are great for heel spurs, plantar fasciitis. They are somewhat fragile and must be handled carefully, but MFS replaced them when one of mine got a small rip at the center from my pounding foot. Best wear these on flat surface,not a curved surface.
Janice | 10/30/2014 5:58 AM
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Heel Cups PQ Gel
Extremely comfortable.  A little bit thicker than most pads but very nice feel in my golf shoes.
Guest | 7/30/2016 5:01 PM
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Comfortable but fall apart
They were so comfortable when I put them in my shoe, but they fell to PIECES within days. I think I wore them in my shoes for 3 days and they both completely fell apart. VERY unsatisfied as far as quality! I have not contacted the company as I have been on vacation, but want to get a replacement. TOO much money for them to be disposable like that.
I read your review of our Heel Cups-PQ Gel and was so sorry to hear that they fell apart! I understand that you've been on vacation and have not been able to reach out to us but would like to replace them. Simply respond to this email and we will be happy to replace them with another pair or with a different product.

Thalia Oster, COE
Chief of Everything,
Dawn | 7/7/2017 11:41 PM
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fragile cups
I thought I had finally found the perfect cushion cup because these are so comfortable and they stick to the shoe nicely.  But after the fifth time I wore them, they started to split and the sides of the cups collapsed into themselves.  So disappointing.  These are not cheap, and I expected better quality.
Guest | 2/2/2018 8:43 AM
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Revised Review
I wrote the previous review for this product, but feel the need to revise it.  I called customer service, and was told that the reason these cups fell apart was because the particular batch was defective.  They promptly sent another pair, and I received them in two days.  I have been using them ever since February and they are great.  They have held up the shape and they are really helpful.  I will be ordering more of these soon.  Wonderful customer service!
Guest | 4/1/2018 8:39 AM
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Durable and effective
I have used these cups for many months while hiking on the fairly rugged terrain of my daily walks, and they are so effective in absorbing shock and adding a slight and necessary lift.  They are quite durable as well and last around 6 months of demanding wear every day.  I highly recommend them.
Guest | 7/12/2018 9:09 AM
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Heel Cups - PQ Gel
I bought this product and at first they felt real good.  After a month they split on me all around the lower edge. Not made to last for long?
Guest | 4/9/2019 12:21 PM
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A manager responded to this review
Sorry these didn't last long for you. Because they are made of gel, they can break down  if your foot moves around in your shoe and causes friction.