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Dont waste your money
Guest | 3/18/2016 1:08 PM
I am state employee and trying to find a way to manage my fiances, because my little girl has other medical conditions, it gets expensive fast :/
I paid $40 SW Medical in  Las Vegas and the the inserts started to fall apart within 2 weeks.. the SW Medical Group of Las Vegas says that UCBL will not accept returns or exchanges..
I am sorry your UCBLs fell apart, but it sounds like you did not get them from us, correct?

Thalia Oster, COE
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Guest | 1/6/2015 10:57 AM
My 3 year old love them.  Really corrects his flatfoot well and fits into the shoe just fine.
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UCBL Preform Children's Orthotic
Guest | 8/26/2012 5:17 PM
My son just turned 9 this past june.  He has severe pes planus valgus and moderate to severe intoeing.  Is there such a thing as a UCBL combined with a gait plate to remedy both of his problems.  AND, is he too old to respond to treatment to correct the intoeing?
thank you
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