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Love This Stuff!
Bonnie | 4/11/2018 2:22 PM
I can't say enough about how great this product is. I've had dry, crunchy heels for the longest time and a pumice stone can only do so much. I started using the callus butter and within a week began to notice smoother heels. I put some on before my socks at the beginning of the day and at night after showering. Two months later, and my feet feel awesome! I still use a pumice stone once or twice a week for maintenance, but this stuff took years off of my feet and smells lovely, too. Thanks!
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Linda | 9/20/2016 5:08 PM
I like the fact that this product comes in a stick and is easy to apply.

I use it on the calluses behind my toes, and it has improved the calluses greatly.

It does not rub off on bed sheets or footwear, and does not make feet slippery.

Another exceptional product from
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Callus Butter
Guest | 9/20/2016 11:21 AM
I tried Callus Butter for problems with my feet but soon found that my supply had quickly disappeared.  At the same time, my husband, who works in the lawn care business, commented on how he'd been using Callus Butter on his hands after work.
Needless to say, I had to order two on my next order.
I've had a good experience with this company and always friendly customer service.
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Linda | 9/2/2016 5:33 PM
This is a great product!

After using this product, I was able to remove some of the callus on the bottom of my foot.

I was also able to eliminate another product I was using on my heels.
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Callus butter
Guest | 7/15/2016 11:28 AM
Five stars.  Really works
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Natural Callus Butter
Guest | 4/11/2016 11:12 AM
Callus Butter has worked well for the heavy calluses I have on my feet and hands.  the smell, application and feel are all quite nice.  Remember to use regularly.  I've found if I take a week or so off my calluses come right back.
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So far so good
Guest | 4/5/2016 10:05 AM
Seems to be working.
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Callus butter
Guest | 12/18/2015 10:38 AM
This is my first time using this product.  It worked amazingly well.  I ordered more.
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Callus butter
Guest | 1/3/2015 12:11 PM
I've had heavy callus on the side of my big toe and big toe joints for as long as I can remember.  When I first started to treat it I found that most skin softeners wouldn't touch it.  So then i tried bag balm which was OK.  I like the way this company has packaged this like a popsicle so that I can rub the medication on and then reseal it.  Callus butter has really allowed me to cut back on the number of time I need to treat my callus each week.  I still use a pumice stone on it, but with this foot butter I only need to do it now 2 times a week.  I would recommend foot butter to anyone who's trying to treat a thick, stubborn callus.  Danny P.
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