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Product reviews for Toe Caps - Foam

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Existing reviews
Not long enough for toe
Guest | 7/21/2020 2:31 PM
Toe cap for big toe fits fine over the toe, but is not long enough. Keeps slipping off my toe while I am hiking or running.
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Foam Toe caps
Guest | 7/1/2018 8:34 PM
The new foam toe caps are much improved over the old ones I had previously.  They provide excellent cushioning, stay on the toe, and wear a very long time.
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Guest | 1/14/2018 3:54 PM
I have a hammer toe (big toe) on my left foot and the skin on the top of the toe has been rough and calloused for a few years because of it. I purchased this product in the largest size, as arthritis has enlarged the size of my toe) and it fits fine. After wearing daily for a few weeks, the skin is definitely healing and smoother.
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My Foam Toe Caps
Michael | 4/18/2017 10:53 AM
The foam toe caps I have been using for 3 months now since surgery on my foot to protect an ulcer on my toe. They have worked great. The 1 thing I would recommend is for them to be a little thicker. Just a bit not to thick that they lose their flexibility.

Great product for the person that needs protection from friction on the toe.
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Foam Toe Caps
Guest | 2/27/2017 7:18 PM
Well made product.  It feels a little bulky at first but I have grown accustom to the size and feel that I need to wear these every day.  Makes a significant difference in my day.
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Foam Toe Caps
Michael | 12/29/2016 1:03 PM
I just started using this toe cap for the first time and they have been a miracle. I have Calluses on my big toe that I have been battling all year. Since wearing the foam caps , they are just about healed completely in the first 3 weeks.

Happy Customer
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Durable but
Guest | 8/14/2016 6:14 AM
I've been trying different product in an attempt to keep my toes protected.  I've had 3 infected toes this past year as I am standing on concrete for many hours a day.  This top cap feels durable and is easy to wash.  I'm not sure it provides as much protection as I'd hoped but it's holding up well so I'll keep trying it.
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Limited Effectiveness
Guest | 6/24/2016 3:01 PM
These toe caps work wonderfully well until you put on your shoes.  Although they provide excellent cushioning, they are bulky, and they take up too much room inside a shoe.  Had to revert to the silicone type.
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Toe Caps Help Relieve Hammertoe Pain
John | 5/29/2016 5:59 AM
I got these to help with a hammertoe on my left foot.  They are a little challenging to keep on your toe when you put on your socks, but I've got the technique down now.  It definitely helps with my toe pain.  I recommend trying these.
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Toe Caps Foam
Guest | 3/29/2016 3:56 PM
At first they seemed a little bulky,but after my first run they really started to wear well.  I used to use the gel toe caps but now use the foam in that they are a little more perspiration friendly.  
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Too big
Guest | 2/4/2016 11:28 AM
Even the small cap was too big for my middle toe.
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Good toe caps...
Guest | 7/6/2015 3:13 PM
I purchased the foam toe caps in size
medium for my big toe.  They are a
perfect fit because the large size is
too big.  These foam caps are of very
good quality and last a long time with
the proper care, i.e. washing gently
with a mild soap, rinsing well, and
air-drying.  My podiatrist agrees.  
I have ordered these before and will
continue to do so.  Great quality and
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Foam Toe Caps
Guest | 1/5/2015 9:54 PM
Mom loves these.  She was having trouble wearing a shoe due to a crooked toe and thick nail.  This pad (along with some sturdy nail cutters) has really helped.  Thank you.
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Toe Caps - Foam
Guest | 11/29/2014 1:00 PM
The thing I've been looking all over for was found here. Ordered the size according to the description on the website and after wearing 1 discovered it was too large. Contacted them to see if I could exchange and to my surprise "No Problem". Just returned the extra 1 I had and am getting an exchange for FREE. All it cost was the return shipping. This company is great. Ready, willing and able to always make the Customer happy. Would definitely buy from them again.

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Toe Caps - Foam
Guest | 6/10/2013 8:46 PM
Hadn't been able to find this kind of product in retail stores for a long time.  Used to be available and I had used this kind of product for years to protect my big toe from blisters when I play tennis.  Recently had a big toe injury that need protection.  These toe pads are exactly what I was looking for.  Great protection and very comfortable.
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Toe Caps - Foam
Guest | 5/21/2013 3:19 AM
These were far too thick for me to use.  When I tried to wear one for a day, it created so much pain in surrounding toes, I had to stop wearing the foam toe cap.  If they were half the thickness, they might have been all right.  Also, there was an extra thick bump at the tip of the cap.
Good effort, but I had to throw them out.  Try again!
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Toe Caps - Foam
Kathleen | 4/22/2013 10:47 AM
First ordered the large toe cap for my husband.  Let me tell you that he is extremely hard to please.  I have since ordered them in small and medium.  So, needless to say, he is very happy with the fit, and the ease of wearing them because they fit comfortably in his shoes.  And an A+ for the quick shipping and correspondence with your company.
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Toe Caps - Foam
Andrea | 4/3/2013 6:27 PM
These seem to be working fine and hopefully if they do will be back to order more.
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Toe Caps - Foam
Guest | 2/4/2013 10:40 AM
Found the items I was looking for finally.....  These cushion toe caps are very hard to find, & if you do find them they are pretty costly.  I found that these were  just what I needed for a fair price.  My order was taken over the phone & I had shipped regular & had them in 3-4 days.  These are great for anyone with toe  or nail issues.

Thank you
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Toe Caps - Foam
Guest | 9/22/2011 8:55 PM
I purchased the foam toe caps for my Mom. She is diabetic, and these help protect her toe from rubbing against the shoe. They start to conform to the toe after they are worn a couple of days, and she is pleased with the comfort of them. They hold up after being washed as well.
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Toe Caps - Foam
Guest | 3/13/2010 2:34 PM
Tried many products.  These are great and comfortable.  As they do not have nylon ... they breath and your feet do not get hot!  Lastly, they are so easy to clean ... wash in the sink and air dries very fast!  
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