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reference presentation true The Foot and Ankle Knowledgebase, L.L.C., L.L.C., L.L.C. 2000 en-US Carbon Fiber Spring Plate vs Superfeet® Carbon Lightweight Support Insoles superfeet,carbon fiber spring plate,carbon fiber insole,carbon fiber foot plate,carbon fiber shoe insert,carbon fiber shoe insert,superfeet insole How does the Carbon Graphite Insole compare to the Superfeet® Carbon Insole? Let's compare how people use each of these carbon fiber shoe inserts.

Compare Superfeet® OTC Carbon Insoles to Carbon Graphite Spring Plates

There really is a difference - Carbon Graphite Spring PlatesCarbon Fiber Spring Plate

Carbon graphite is an extremely light weight, yet rigid material used in the foot care industry to provide the benefits of strength without the weight of other heavier material like plastic (polyethylene) or metal.  Although there's a number of carbon graphite products on the market, how do these products compare?  Let's take a closer look to see how the Superfeet® Carbon Lightweight Support Insoles compare to the Carbon Graphite Spring Plates.  What are the similarities, differences and indications for these two products? Carbon Fiber Spring PlateSuperfeet® Carbon Insoles
LengthFull lengthHalf length
Molded arch supportYesYes
Medical grade productYesNo
Forefoot rockerYesNone
Finished top coverReady for modificationYes
Indications for useForefoot pain, midfoot pain and specialty indicationsArch support
See complete list of indications below

As an OTC product used for arch support, Superfeet® really does have a great product in their Superfeet® Carbon Insole.  Lightweight with semi-rigid support, the Superfeet® Carbon Insole has proven to be a great addition to the OTC carbon fiber insole market.

The difference between medical grade and OTC carbon fiber insole products

The difference between these two products lies in their application for use. Carbon Graphite Spring Plates are not an OTC product intended for the general public, but rather an orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) product used by podiatrists, pedorthists and orthopedist to treat specific foot and ankle conditions.

The 3 attributes of Spring Plates vs. arch supports

When compared to an OTC arch support, there are three attributes that make the Carbon Fiber Spring Plate unique.  The three attributes of the Carbon Graphite Spring Plate are -

  • length
  • rigidity
  • forefoot rocker

Although the Superfeet® Carbon Insoles may be used for comfort and arch support, the medical indications for use of the Carbon Graphite Spring Plate includes all of the following -

When you compare the Carbon Graphite Spring Plate to the Superfeet® Carbon Lightweight Support Insoles, you can see that there's really no comparison. is the trusted source of carbon fiber and glass fiber insoles for thousands of health professionals, professional sports teams and consumers.

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